YoungMinds youth engagement

Are you:

  • Aged 11-25
  • Passionate about improving children and young people’s mental health
  • Ready to have your voice heard?

Join us!

YoungMinds Vs is a mass movement of young people campaigning for better mental health and emotional wellbeing.   Over 2,000 young people have told us about the things that most worry them and YoungMinds  is empowering young people to speak out and demand change on their top five concerns:

  • Bullying
  • Sexual pressure
  • School stress
  • Unemployment
  • Poor  access to any counselling or support 

Girl reading textWhy now?
It’s a tough time to grow up in Britain.  This generation is under more pressure than any other.  Just one of these issues- bullying, unemployment, sexual pressure, school stress, and having  no where to go to talk about these or other things making you worried - can contribute to you not feeling good about life.

Added to this, too many of you are being forced to wait too long to get vital help when things aren’t going well. 

Get involved!

You can become a YoungMinds Activist and support the campaign online and offline.  YoungMinds Activists:

  • Attend a training session to find out about the campaign and taking action
  • Speak out about the campaign issues in online and offline media
  • Plan and evaluate  the campaign
  • Train professionals about young people’s mental health
  • Work with national health organisations to improve young people’s mental health
  • Work with local services like CAMHS, Healthwatch and CCGs to speak up for young people’s mental health
  • Promote the campaign on social media
  • Write blogs
  • Train their peers about the campaign issues
  • And lots more!

Who can be a YoungMinds Activist?I m not happy
All young people are welcome to become a YoungMinds activist.   Whatever your background, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, faith and whether or not you have personal experience of having a mental health problem experience- we need your voice! 

The campaign training days are held in London, Leeds and Newcastle so you need to be able to travel to one of those cities and back in a day to be able to attend one of these events.

If you are aged 11-25 you can be a YoungMinds Activist, but you will need to be aged 14-25 to be able to come to one of our campaign training days and be a media champion.  If you are aged under 14 email for more info about getting involved, there’s still lots you can do

Campaign Training Events

To find out about upcoming events and to apply- visit the Get Active page on the YoungMinds Vs: Fight the Pressure website.  

At the training you will: find out about the campaign; meet likeminded young people who are also passionate about improving young people’s mental and emotional health; get a resource pack to kick start your campaigning; take action to support the campaign and find out what other actions you can take online and offline after the campaign.

YoungMinds Manifesto

Mental health is as important as physical health, and needs to be everybody's business.

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One in 10 young people in the UK is diagnosed with a serious mental health problem, 80,000 children and young people suffer from serious depression, and two young people kill themselves every day. Yet they are still not getting the support they need in schools, and many are waiting over six months to get treatment.

YoungMinds is campaigning for change. Our young campaigners have created the YoungMinds Manifesto to spell out the changes that must happen to reduce the suffering of young people with mental health problems.

the Youngminds manifesto

  1. Stigma still affects us; it's about time we were able to talk about how we feel.
  2. Deal with problems when we are young; train primary school staff to help.
  3. Growing up is difficult; support us when changes happen in our lives.
  4. Help us to get what we need at secondary school; train everyone to understand teenagers' problems.
  5. Waiting lists and assessments just make it harder; make them shorter and provide us with one worker for all our care.
  6. Some doctors don’t listen to us; they need to understand and support us.
  7. Going to Accident and Emergency can be traumatic; treat us with respect, see beyond our labels.
  8. Some psychiatric units feel like prisons; learn from the best ones.
  9. Someone to speak up for us; we all need advocates.
  10. Lost in the system; don’t forget about us when we are 16 plus.
  11. We’re the experts; start listening to us.

Spending more money on us while we are young will stop us ending up in Accident and Emergency, psychiatric units and prisons, thereby saving taxpayers millions of pounds in the future.

what you can do