The NHS Constitution - We Need Your Help

Clare Jerrom
20 Dec 2012

The NHS Constitution is perhaps one of the NHS’ best kept secrets. The NHS Constitution brings together the principles, values, rights and the responsibilities that underpin the NHS; but very few people have heard of this document. The Government are currently in the process of reviewing the Constitution, and are asking for views on their proposed changes.

NHS services are required by law to take account of the NHS Constitution. Whilst they only have to take account of it in their decisions and action, this document can help you know what your rights are and to some extent understand what you can expect from the NHS. 

There is some very useful information in the NHS Constitution as it brings together your rights with regards to the NHS. For instance, the amended document aims to stress that the NHS supports individuals to manage their own care, and involve patients and their families and carers in decisions that affect them.   It also covers the NHS’ commitment to provide convenient, easily accessible services that are within a given waiting time.  Whilst this all sounds great, there are many people who would say that the NHS is not always managing to deliver on these pledges.

YoungMinds will be responding to the Government’s consultation, and would like feedback from children, young people and their families who have used NHS services.   Please fill out our short online survey.  

 If you want to read the NHS Constitution, or respond to the consultation directly here. The consultation is open until 28th Jan 2013.






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