BBC Three's Don't Call Me Crazy: what did you think?

Carrie Dunn
9 Jul 2013

Today (Tuesday 9th July) at noon, YoungMinds will be hosting a chat on our Twitter account (@youngmindsuk) to discuss opinions on the BBC Three series Don't Call Me Crazy.

The programme, which ended last night, follows a year in the life of young inpatients of a mental health unit.

Our blogger Naomi has already given her thoughts after reviewing the first of the three episodes - but what did you think? 

Tweet @youngmindsuk and make your opinions known. We'll be retweeting the best - and blogging about how viewers felt.

The series was the start of the It’s A Mad World season, which intends to look at a range of mental health issues affecting young people in Britain today, from schizophrenia, OCD, eating disorders and self-harming to dealing with family members affected by mental illness.

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