Advice and support for young people around crime

Clare Jerrom
11 Nov 2013

Here are some sources of advice and support for young people around crime and anti-social behaviour.

Government advice for young people on antisocial behaviour and crime

Information about age of criminal responsibility, young people in custody, crime reduction programmes and the role of Youth Offending Teams.

Safe - Metropolitan Police Service

Website for young people about crime and antisocial behaviour offering the facts and advice for young people

The Prince’s Trust

The charity has a number of programmes for young people including a project which mentors young people when they leave custody

St Giles Trust

This organisation works with young people to turn them away from crime.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau provides an advice guide on young people, the law and their rights

Safety Tips

Leicestershire police has put together safety tips for young people

Victim Support

A national charity which helps people affected by crime

Anti-bullying Alliance

Organisation that provides advice on bullying


Offers free confidential advice for children and young people 0800 1111

Online counselling

Emotional support and counselling online for 11-17-year-olds



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