Report launched: results of consultation with 5,600 young people

Tamsin Fidgeon
23 Sep 2014

Young people are at the heart of everything we do at YoungMinds, and youth engagement is a central component of our work.

YoungMinds consulted with a total of 5,600 young people through focus groups, online consultations and surveys between October 2013-May 2014, asking what the big issues were that made them feel under pressure, how these issues affect them and what needs to be done about them.

Our new report, 5,600 young people can't be wrong. How will YOU help us? (pdf) (launched at the Labour and Conservative party conferences) details the results of the consultation, and presents the findings in the young people's own words.

Findings include:

  • Over half of 11-14 year olds have viewed online pornography  
  • 1 in 3 young people do not know where to get help when they feel depressed or anxious
  • Half of the children and young people we consulted with have been bullied.

Jack Ben at train station


The five main areas of concern to young people were bullying, stress at school, sexual pressure, no work and lack of access to help. These areas formed the YoungMinds Vs campaign priorities:

Find out more about what young people think must be done to fight the pressure on these five areas: 5,600 young people can't be wrong. How will YOU help us? (pdf) 

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