HeadStart: How YoungMinds is embedding resilience in local communities

Lizzie Bruce
29 Jan 2015

On January 26th and 27th as part of the Big Lottery Fund’s HeadStart progamme, a YoungMinds led consortium hosted an emotional resilience conference with key speakers Children’s Minister Sam Gyimah and Dr. Michael Ungar, an international expert in resilience.

Last year a consortium led by YoungMinds and partnered with boingboing/University of Brighton and Achievement for All was chosen by the Big Lottery Fund to support phase 2 of its HeadStart programme.

The Big Lottery Fund launched HeadStart, a £75m programme in England, in 2013 which aims to build the emotional resilience of young people in the key 10-14 year age group, as well as develop the evidence base for what works in preventing mental health problems.

In the current phase of the programme, the YoungMinds led consortium will provide support and development to 12 HeadStart areas over the next 15 months. The support includes expert guidance and challenge to ensure local programmes are effective, with measureable outcomes.

Sarah Brennan our Chief Executive said:

We are delighted to be working with Big Lottery Fund and local area partnerships on  this new, ground-breaking initiative that will make a difference to thousands of young people’s lives Drawing on our learning and success in facilitating local system change through our BOND project (Better Outcomes through New Delivery), and our knowledge and understanding of building resilience working with world experts like Professors Michael Ungar and Angie Hart, we are confident that our consortium will provide the expert support and challenge that the local partnerships need to excel and to make this project really deliver.”

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