YoungMinds Launches Vs Stress at University

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15 Oct 2015

Thousands of young people enrol in university courses every year. Many of them have a wonderful three (or more) years, but for some people, the university experience is very stressful.

After completing our school stress campaign, we decided that a campaign around the stress that university students face would be the next logical step. With mental health problems among students on the increase against a backdrop of insufficient support, this is the perfect time to campaign on behalf of students all over the UK. Our YoungMinsd Vs. Uni Stress campaign will include helpful tips, important statistics and blogs from current and former students, dealing with issues from balancing a social life with your studies, to what it’s like to have depression while at university.

This is a campaign by students, for students. Students sharing their own university experiences. Students giving advice to others. Students letting each other know that, if they’re struggling, there is help available.  

We believe that students have a powerful voice and can achieve positive changes in their university environments and further afield. We hope that this campaign will be helpful to all students, from those dealing with serious mental health conditions to those worried about money, academic performance, and living away from home for the first time.

Above all, we want you to remember that no matter how bad things get – even in the absolute darkest of moments – you are never, ever alone.

Your Uni Stress editorial team,

Jasmine, Grace and Harriet


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