Advice to my younger self...

10 Feb 2017

To mark Children’s Mental Health Week YoungMinds ambassadors have been telling us what advice they wish they'd been given when they were younger. 

We all know someone going through a tough time. It can be hard to know what to do to help. It may sound simple but in these moments, small acts of kindness can make all the difference. During Children's Mental Health Week we're all being encouraged to spread a little kindness. But just as important, we need to remember to be kind to ourselves.

Our activists gave us advice for their younger selves. Now some of our YoungMinds ambassadors tell us what advice they wish they'd been given when they were younger:

Rebekah Vardy, YoungMinds Ambassador

Rebekah Vardy Never feel like you don’t deserve happiness, you are worth so much more and can achieve so much more than you realise. You will be happy. Everyone deserves their happy ending and that includes you!” 


Claire Skinner, TV star & YoungMinds Ambassador

Claire Skinner blog“You are good enough. Your feelings are valid. Trust your instincts.”


Jack Green, Team GB Olympic Athlete & YoungMinds Ambassador

Jack Green“Don't take things personally. There's no vendetta against you - the world isn't fair but that’s okay.”


Jonny Benjamin MBE, Mental Health Campaigner, Author & YoungMinds Ambassador

Your thoughts and feelings are nothing to be ashamed and embarrassed about. They simply make you human and unique. ” 


Michelle Collins, TV Star & YoungMinds Ambassador

Michelle Collins“As hard as it may feel today it will be better tomorrow. Learn to love yourself. You are unique so don't ever compare yourself to anybody else. Everyone is as insecure as you - they just don't always show it! Always be positive. I know it's hard, but things can only get better - listen to the song!”


Mike Yardy, former England cricketer & YoungMinds Ambassador

MikeYardy blogBe nice to people - you don't know what is going on inside their head.”


Rachel Kelly, Writer & YoungMinds Ambassador

Rachel KellyI think what would have helped me was the notion that stumbling blocks can be stepping stones. When I look back, I realise I've made so many mistakes, and learnt so much, I'm thinking of making some more!”

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