Parents' Helpline expects big increase in calls

Hannah Wright
16 Aug 2010

YoungMinds expect a big rise in calls this September due to parents back to school worries.

Early indications show parents are already calling the helpline about concerns, many more than this time last year. Figures from 2009 showed a 70% rise in calls from August to September. Parents top concerns included:

  • children failing to adjust to a new school, class or teacher, particularly when moving up to secondary school
  • bullying
  • school phobias
  • anxiety problems

Daphne Joseph, YoungMinds Parents Helpline Manager said: “September can be a stressful time for children and adults. Even small changes can seem really worrying to children and young people, and the change of pace from the holidays can be hard to adjust to. A new teacher, new class or especially the move to a new school can seem very daunting.

“Parents should try to stay calm, and approach the change with a positive attitude, to give their children the confidence that it will be ok. It’s normal to be worried about going back to school but once young people get used to the changes things usually settle down.”

Parents who are worried about their child’s emotions or behaviour around school or other issues should call YoungMinds Parents Helpline 0808 802 5544, for advice or email


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