Corporate partnerships

Every parent wants the best for their child and to support them to grow into healthy, happy adults - but sadly, one in 10 children and young people experience mental health problems. That’s three in every classroom.

Parent and child readingA young person's mental health can affect the whole family and leave parents feeling anxious and helpless. YoungMinds works to improve the emotional health of all children and young people and ensure that effective support is available to any child experiencing difficulties.

Within any company, many employees will be parents or young people themselves. By supporting YoungMinds, your company can not only support its corporate responsibility strategy, but also show a commitment to issues directly affecting your employees.

Choosing YoungMinds

Mother and childWhether it's a staff collection, an annual donation, sponsorship, or a multi-year investment, corporate donations go a long way at YoungMinds. No matter what you choose, what suits you best, we would be delighted to have your support. And because YoungMinds is a prudent organisation, you and your staff can feel confident that your donation will not be a drop in the ocean. Far from it, in fact: it will make a splash.

Please know, also, that it's not a one-way street at YoungMinds. We will work with you to provide your colleagues and company (and even your clients, if you'd like) with fundraising ideas to create positive PR for everything to do together.

YoungMinds is currently the chosen charity of and Capital Generation Partners LLP.

" is proud to work with YoungMinds to improve the lives of young people and families living with mental health disorders.”

To speak to us about your company supporting YoungMinds, please contact Sharon Coleman, Senior Fundraiser, on 020 7089 5050 or email