Tower Hamlets: Mark Your Mind

Good mental health is vital for learning and facing life’s challenges, but often in society its significance is overlooked.

‘Mark Your Mind’ is a powerful new campaign that aims to inform young people, families and those who work with children and young people about mental health and how to support each other.

YoungMinds are working alongside the NHS Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group and other organisations across the borough to engage with the community, raise awareness and tackle mental health together.

Digital Campaigns Information

There are several useful resources about the Mark Your Mind campaign which give a wider insight into mental health and what it all means.

The information covers:

  • The different types of mental health issues
  • The signs and when to get help
  • Simple ways to look after our minds
  • The importance of supporting each other
  • How to get involved with the ‘Mark Your Mind’ campaign
  • Key contacts

All digital packs are available to download here as PDFs:

Keep an eye out for important upcoming events, projects, workshops and training programs.