Academic Resilience

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Our resources:

  • Help any school establish systems to build ‘resilience approaches’ that support disadvantaged pupils over time through a whole school approach
  • Will benefit all pupils from a school-wide approach to increasing academic resilience
  • Raise achievement
  • Offer 'quick wins' that can be implemented immediately
  • Help identify pupils who are at risk of not fulfilling their academic potential
  • Provide practical approaches to help pupils do better than might be expected
  • Offer ideas to help everyone in the school community play a part.

All our resources are based on research evidence and practice.

One Head teacher involved in developing Academic Resilience uses a famous quote from NASA to illustrate the idea of a whole school approach:

The folk tale goes like this, one day a visitor came to the space station and asked a cleaner who was sweeping up what job they did there. The cleaner replied 'I help put men on the moon'.

Imagine what it would be like in your school if every adult in the school community’s answer to a visitor asking what they do was ‘I help our most vulnerable pupils achieve better than any of us could ever have imagined they would’.

Would you like answers to these questions?

  1. How do I improve results through academic resilience?
  2. What is academic resilience?
  3. Which are the pupils we are talking about?
  4. What can schools do?
  5. How can services support me?
  6. What about parents?

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Academic Resilience - beating the odds for better results, is an approach for schools devised by Lisa Williams and Professor Angie Hart and adopted by YoungMinds. Based on Professor Hart's collaborative resilience work at the University of Brighton and Boingboing, YoungMinds continues to work in partnership with them to develop the approach and support for schools.

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