YoungMinds Youth Panel

The YoungMinds Youth Panel works across every level of YoungMinds to enrich any and every area of YoungMinds work by bringing the perspective of young people. 

We recruit new panellists for the YoungMinds Youth Panel each on a yearly basis. We will next be recruiting in early2017. For other opportunities to become involved with YoungMinds please click here

How the YoungMinds Youth Panel Works

The purpose of the YoungMinds’ Youth Panel is to enrich any & every area of YoungMinds’ work by bringing the perspective of young people. We do this by getting young people to work with high level members of the YoungMinds team such as the Chief Executive Officer, the trustees and the Senior Management Team.           

The Youth Panel works with the four departments within YoungMinds to ensure youth perspective shapes all of the YoungMinds planning and delivery.  In the words of Youth Panel members, the functions of the departments are:

  • Operations: “The things that YoungMinds does that the outside world sees- like our youth engagement, parent helpline and training.”
  • Media and Campaigns: “Spreading the word and changing attitudes about youth mental health.”
  • Finance and HR: “Making sure we are ready and able to do everything that we do by looking after our people and our money.”
  • Fundraising: “Finding and getting money and resources to do the things we do.”

The Youth Panel’s role is to shape how other young people engage with these four YoungMinds departments and also to give advice to the departments on their work.

Youth Panel members can also get involved in areas of work at YoungMinds that they would like to know more about   such as finance or campaigning or policy. That way they can gain experiences in an area they really care about or maybe would like to choose for their career.

Youth Panel Members

Youth Panel members are young people aged 14-25 living across the UK who:

  • Have an understanding of issues impacting young people’s mental health
  • Are committed to improving young people’s mental health
  • Are enthusiastic about working with YoungMinds to create change for young people

At YoungMinds we value lived experience of mental illness and of mental health services, whether they are personal ones or those from supporting a friend or family member. It is not a requirement, however, for Youth Panel members or any of YoungMinds’ other youth engagement activities to have these experiences. After all, everyone has mental health!