Two young people sit on a bench in a park. The person on the right has his arm around the other young person. The young person on the left is holding the other persons arm while looking down at the floor.

Building resilience

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About this course

This foundation level course will help you understand why resilience matters and how to develop it in children and young people and the systems around them. You’ll have the opportunity to reflect, build upon current practice and develop new skills to better support children and young people.

Online workshops:

  • Our online workshops are delivered via Zoom and are an interactive and collaborative experience.
  • With two trainer consultants available in each workshop, we can effectively facilitate discussion and provide a safe learning space for you to feel empowered to make a difference for children and young people.
  • The online environment allows for individual exploration of key dynamics encountered in the work with young people and the formulation of best practice within your role.

Face to face workshops:

  • Our face to face workshops run from 10am – 4pm, providing extensive opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the content and make relevant connections to their settings, role and the young people they work with.
  • Within these sessions participants will be invited to share their experiences whilst drawing on a variety of learning methodologies, all of which are exclusive to a face to face group experience.
  • The in person environment lends itself to best practice sharing and interactive action planning. 

Course details

Online workshop: 

  • Length: 10am – 1:30pm with a break 
  • Suitable for: Practitioners working in supportive roles with children and young people
  • Price: £135.00 + VAT: £27.00

Face to face workshop: 

  • Length: 10am – 4pm with breaks
  • Location: Central London, either at Etc Venues, WC2A 1HL, or the YoungMinds office, SE1 2ND, depending on the course date.
  • Suitable for: Practitioners working in supportive roles with children and young people
  • Price: £225.00 + VAT: £45.00

Thank you to Etc Venues who have kindly let us host our training at their venue.

Course dates

  • 24 NOV '22 Online Workshop - Online - 24 November - Three hours and 30 minutes - 20 spaces remaining
  • 20 OCT '22 Face to Face Workshop - YoungMinds Office, SE1 2ND - 20 October - Six hours - 12 spaces remaining
  • 7 SEPT '22 Online Workshop - Online - 07 September - Three hours and 30 minutes - 20 spaces remaining
Very informative and insightful course. The trainers had a lot of experience and I came away with a new perspective.

What you will learn

During the course we'll:

  • develop a shared understanding of resilience in relation to coping and overcoming risk factors and adversity
  • develop an understanding of ways in which we can build the resilience of children and young people, as well as those around them
  • consider the role of a trusted adult in building resilience
  • explore a systemic approach to building resilience
  • identify ways to build the resilience of those around the child or young person

Why take the course?

  • Over the past year, many young people have had to adjust to the dramatic changes in their education, employment, routines and home life. Being able to cope with uncertainty is at the heart of resilience.
  • This course will enable you to play a vital role in developing children and young people’s resilience and help to prevent their needs from escalating.
  • After taking part in the course you will receive a digital certificate of attendance.

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£162 per person inc. VAT

£162 per person inc. VAT

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£162 per person inc. VAT

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Only 20 spaces remaining

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