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  1. Taking melatonin, fluoxetine and sertraline

    adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) came through

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  2. What Is A Mental Health Tribunal Judge And Panel?

    tribunal panel (called a CAMHS panel) are a doctor (a

    Found on page: /young-person/blog/what-is-a-mental-health-tribunal-judge-and-panel/

  3. What it's like to have OCD at Christmas

    support from the team at CAMHS (child and adolescent m

    Found on page: /young-person/blog/what-it-s-like-to-have-ocd-at-christmas/

  4. Counselling and therapy

    Mental Health Services (CAMHS). For more information a

    Found on page: /young-person/your-guide-to-support/counselling-and-therapy/

  5. School anxiety and refusal

    being affected. Discuss a CAMHS referral if this isn’t

    Found on page: /parent/parents-a-z-mental-health-guide/school-anxiety-and-refusal/

  6. Glossary

    advice about medicines. | CAMHS team | A team of peopl

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  7. Trauma

    Mental Health Services (CAMHS). If you decide to get h

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  8. Challenging behaviour

    Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and/or an assessment by

    Found on page: /parent/parents-a-z-mental-health-guide/challenging-behaviour/

  9. ADHD and mental health

    Mental Health Services (CAMHS). You don’t need to do a

    Found on page: /young-person/mental-health-conditions/adhd-and-mental-health/

  10. Anorexia

    Mental Health Services (CAMHS), an expert or a psychia

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