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  1. Tips for coping with OCD during the coronavirus pandemic

    These can be invaluable resources if you need to reach out

    Found on page: /young-person/blog/tips-for-coping-with-ocd-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic/

  2. How my autism diagnosis helped my mental health treatment

    professionals and a serious lack of resources specifically

    Found on page: /young-person/blog/how-my-autism-diagnosis-helped-my-mental-health-treatment/

  3. My therapy experience: online and phone therapy for anxiety and OCD

    would also email me various resources to assist with my we

    Found on page: /young-person/blog/my-therapy-experience-online-and-phone-therapy-for-anxiety-and-ocd/

  4. Become a YoungMinds Activist

    do this by: co-designing resources for young people, pare

    Found on page: /support-us/join-the-movement/become-a-youngminds-activist/

  5. Parents Helpline and Webchat

    where you can find help and resources providing more detai

    Found on page: /parent/parents-helpline-and-webchat/

  6. Parent

    health? We have tips and resources for when a young person

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  7. Home

    have information, tips and resources for you to feel confi

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  8. Parent survey reveals widespread concerns about mental health impact of COVID-19 on young people’s mental health

    (information, helplines and resources) available to help t

    Found on page: /about-us/media-centre/press-releases/parent-survey-reveals-widespread-concerns-about-mental-health-impact-of-covid-19-on-young-people-s-mental-health/

  9. Shout 85258

    provide support. | Supporting resources | Read our tips an

    Found on page: /young-person/shout-85258/

  10. School anxiety and refusal

    set tasks, and use online resources such as BBC Bitesize f

    Found on page: /parent/parents-a-z-mental-health-guide/school-anxiety-and-refusal/