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What's happening?


In April, the Government announced it wants to make a ‘Mental health and wellbeing cross-government plan’ that will transform the support we receive for our mental health over the next ten years.

They have promised to publish the plan by the end of the year and they are now asking for people’s views on what should be included.

They want to hear your experiences to make sure the plan covers all the things that can impact your mental health, from things like school, college and university to social media and the NHS.

We have come together with mental health charity Mind to tell the Government what change needs to happen. We are carrying out a survey for young people aged 11-25 and we want to hear your thoughts.

If you are over 25, you can have your say by completing Mind's survey here.

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How can I have my say?

This is a chance to demand the change you want to see in society for your mental health.

We want to give the Government no excuses to let things carry on as they are. It’s time to show them what we know – that discrimination like racism and transphobia impacts your mental health; that the cost of living is creating anxiety in our families; that sometimes it's hard to look to the future with hope.

If you’ve experienced these things, or there's something else you think the Government needs to know in order to improve the experiences of young people struggling with their mental health, this is your chance to tell them. This is your chance to demand change.

We'll also be sending in the experiences of 14,000 young people - like you - who took part in the Big Young People's Survey and the ways we think the Government can change things.

So, if you are aged 11-25 and live in England, tell the Government about your mental health experience and the change you want to see by taking part in this survey. It should take between five and ten minutes to complete.

Take part in our survey

Take part in our survey

  • By taking this survey, you are helping us understand what you want out of this ten-year plan so that we can make sure the Government listens to young people’s priorities.

    You have until Thursday, 7 July to take part and tell the Government about your mental health experience.

If you're a parent, teacher or youth worker

If you’re a teacher, parent or youth worker, now’s the time to step up and support young people by helping them demand the change they want to see.

Help your child, student or the young people you work with to take part in this survey. By setting aside five minutes to help them, you can get their voice heard.

This survey is intended for young people aged 11-25. If you are not in this age range but would like to share your thoughts, you can complete this survey for adults by Mind.

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More ways you can get involved with us

Here are some other ways you can get involved with our work and join our movement.