Three young people sat smiling and talking

Impact Report 2022

Our vision is clear: we want to see a world where no young person feels alone with their mental health.

We're needed now more than ever

Last year started with a question: was the mental health impact on young people of the Covid-19 pandemic a short term concern, or was it here to stay? Well we got our answer, and emphatically so.

With each new study, new data set, new analysis, it is clear that there was no ‘return to normal’. Instead, we’re seeing records being broken, time and again, on prevalence, on service referrals, on how young people tell us they are feeling. No matter how you measure it, times are undeniably tough.

Against that backdrop, it can be easy to lose hope. But here at YoungMinds, that sense of optimism continues to burn bright.

In these moments, where we allow ourselves to look back at what we’ve done together, and read in black and white the impact of that work, we are reminding ourselves that things can get better.

We have a strategy that we truly believe can turn things around for young people and their mental health. We know that as we give young people a more powerful voice, both within our charity and on the frontline of the mental health movement, that change becomes ever-more possible.

We also know that, with the continued support of our funders, our friends, and our amazing community around us, this can get better. Things will get better. We’ve got this.


Our mission is clear – for all young people to get the mental health support they need, when they need it, no matter what.

Doing so can prevent an emerging mental health need becoming a crisis.

Our theory of change

Young people's mental health needs are not supported early enough, and often only when they have reached crisis point.

This is the problem we want to solve. To solve this problem we are prioritising these needs for young people:

  • Young people need to understand their emotions...

    and how to take care of themselves and how to find help.

  • Young people need better mental health support...

    including when their needs are first emerging.

  • Young people need society to change...

    so that it tackles the things that impact their mental health.

A group of five young people walking together along a path in the park. Two girls are walking ahead and talking, while three boys walk behind them.

By addressing these needs and working with young people, our work will lead to these strategic outcomes:

  • fewer young people need crisis or emergency support
  • young people are able to get the help and support they need quickly and receive a high-quality service
  • there’s a reduction in things that lead to young people struggling with their mental health and needing support

These outcomes mean we can achieve our mission and ultimate goal.

Our mission is for all young people to get the mental health support they need, when they need it, no matter what.

Our ultimate goal is to stop young people's mental health reaching crisis point.