Someone to turn to: Being a trusted adult for young people

Our purpose, vision and mission are hugely ambitious but we are confident we can make them a reality.

We have extensive experience supporting parents and professionals but recognise from our work with young people that there is a broader circle of adults playing an active, positive and crucial role within communities, and they too need our support.

To inform the development of this work, we commissioned UK Youth to produce an ethnographic research study with young people and the adults they turn to for support to examine what makes an adult trusted, the importance of representation and the barriers to accessing support.

The definition and insights gathered have helped identify the mental health information, resources, and training needed so that tens of thousands of adults can provide crucial, early mental health responses that young people need from them. This is a shortened version of the full report produced by UK Youth.

You can also download our shortened version of the report via the link below.

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A group of young people playing basketball with an older Black man. The group of young people includes: one white young man, one white non-binary teenager and one Black young woman.

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