A group of young people playing basketball with an older Black man. The group of young people includes: one white young man, one white non-binary teenager and one Black young woman.

Trusted adults supporting young people in the community

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£30.00 inc. VAT
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For adults working with young people in the community.
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11 July 2024 13:00 - 14:00

One hour

About this course

The adults around young people can play a huge part in supporting their mental health and stopping their needs from escalating further. This one-hour webinar will help you to understand the importance of your role in young people’s mental health and to identify what you can do to support young people further.

The webinar will run for one hour with approximately 50 minutes of content and 10 minutes for questions. It is delivered live by one of our trainer consultants via Zoom.

The online environment allows for individual exploration of key dynamics encountered in your work with young people and an introduction to the formulation of best practice within your role.

Learning outcomes

a group of parents sits in circle and laughing during  a workshop inside a classroom

In this webinar, we will:

  • Explore young people’s definition of a trusted adult and who can be one.
  • Explore how these relationships can help young people.
  • Look at ways to improve practice.

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£30.00 per person inc. VAT

£30 per person inc. VAT

£30 per person inc. VAT

There are not enough places on the course for the amount you are trying to book.

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