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Getting support from mental health services

Find out about how you can access different types of mental health treatment and what support is available for your child. If you're unsure where to begin, take a look at our quickstart guide on getting support for your child.

Getting support from mental health services: where to start

Information and advice guides

Finding the right help for your child when they're struggling with their mental health, and finding your way around mental health services, can be challenging at times. Here you'll find information and advice on the different types of mental health support available to your child, and how you can access them.

If your child is in a mental health crisis or you are worried they are not safe, read our advice on getting urgent help.

  • A group conversation at a table with two men and one woman

    A guide to the different places you can go to get mental health support for your child when they're struggling.

  • A mother and daughter having a serious discussion at home in front of a radiator

    Find out what to expect from the NHS mental health service for children and young people. This guide outlines how your child can access the service, as well as how referrals, assessments and treatment works.

  • A father comforts his son at the table

    A guide to how counselling and therapy work, how your child can access it, and how you can support them through the process.

  • A mother and her two daughters smiling and laughing together.

    A guide to the local authority support available to families who need help but are not being supported by other services - including help with things like special educational needs support and mental health difficulties.

  • A young girl speaking to her father in front of a wall with pictures hanging behind them

    A guide to how the GP can help your child with their mental health, what specialist support they can arrange and tips on helping your child to speak to the GP.

  • A mother and daughter cuddling

    If your child is going into hospital to get support for their mental health, this guide explains what happens in hospital, how you can support your child and how you can voice your views about their treatment.

Information and advice for your child

We also have lots of information and advice for young people that both you and your child might find helpful. Take a look at some of our guides below, or view our full range of advice pages for young people.

Information and advice for young people
  • A girl with curly hair sits with her hand on her chin thinking, while a boy sits beside her wearing a grey jacket.

    If your child is thinking of taking medication for their mental health, we provide general information on some different types of medication, and answer common questions about what's involved.

  • two-young-man-wearing-grey-hoodie-and-black-jacket-walking-and-laughing-on-a-street

    A glossary of mental health terms you and your child might come across as you find support for their mental health.

  • Three young people walking together through a park. Two of them are smiling while a boy in the centre looks worried.

    A guide to CAMHS and mental health support for young people, including information on inpatient care, talking to the GP about mental health and counselling and therapy.

Parents Helpline

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Want to speak to someone about your child's mental health?

If you're worried about the mental health and wellbeing of your child, you can contact our Parents Helpline via phone, email or webchat.

Our team of trained advisers will listen and talk through your concerns, provide emotional support, and help you to take the next steps in supporting your child.

Parents Helpline and Webchat