Three young people sit on a bench outside. The person on the right is chatting with the person in the middle of the bench who is looking at them and smiling. The person on the right is speaking to someone outside of the image.


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  1. Self-harm

    Self-harm | Self-harm | Self-harm | Self-harm | What is self-harm?

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  2. King's College London Social Media Study

    media, smartphone use and self-harm in young people. The s

    Found on page: /professional/consultancy-and-service-design/case-studies/king-s-college-london-social-media-study/

  3. Reporting on mental health and young people

    for pictures or signs of self-harm. This can also be distr

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  4. Out of control

    gaming, social media, sex self-harming binge-eating or cha

    Found on page: /young-person/my-feelings/out-of-control/

  5. Abuse

    become depressed or anxious be vulnerable to self-harm Ha

    Found on page: /young-person/coping-with-life/abuse/

  6. Leading organisations call for Government funding into early support hubs

    presenting at A&E having self-harmed or experienced su

    Found on page: /about-us/media-centre/press-releases/leading-organisations-call-for-government-funding-into-early-support-hubs/

  7. Why I decided to leave university and put my mental health first

    depression, medication, self-harm, suicidal feelings About

    Found on page: /young-person/blog/why-i-decided-to-leave-university-and-put-my-mental-health-first/

  8. Vast majority of under 25s took up positive pandemic mental health habits

    year, along with content on self-harm and suicidal feeling

    Found on page: /about-us/media-centre/press-releases/vast-majority-of-under-25s-took-up-positive-pandemic-mental-health-habits/

  9. Suicidal thoughts

    impulsive decision-making self-harming If you’re worried,

    Found on page: /parent/parents-a-z-mental-health-guide/suicidal-thoughts/

  10. Borderline personality disorder

    such as reckless driving self-harm, suicidal feelings or s

    Found on page: /young-person/mental-health-conditions/borderline-personality-disorder/