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Your generosity can help young people have someone to turn to for help with their mental health.

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It’s hard to watch young people struggling. And it’s even harder when it feels like there’s no one at all who can help. Since the pandemic, more young people than ever before are finding it hard to cope with how they're feeling.

That’s why access to early support can make a critical difference to young people who are struggling right now. By getting the support they need, when they need it, young people can have that someone to turn to for help with their mental health.

Donate today to help young people gain better access to mental health services and end the wait for early support. No one should have to wait for help.

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A young person is sitting on a bench, looking seriously straight at the camera. They wear a jacket with white fur. On the image are the words in purple and yellow 'support young people when they need help the most.' In the bottom right, it says 'Donate to YoungMinds'.

The gift of life-changing support

medium shot of a girl wearing glasses sitting on her bed while using her laptop
I found out about YoungMinds from a YouTuber I watch, so I went on the website. I read blogs and articles for advice every time I found myself in a position where I was crying in my room late at night or having a panic attack in school and not knowing what to do.
Alisha, 14
A father comforts his son at the table
You advised me with compassionate, intelligent advice that was so specific to my son (and the rest of my family) that it felt like you had been living in my house for the last three years. When it felt like every other avenue of help had been shut down you gave me a way through.
Parent Helpline caller

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Call 020 7089 5050 to donate via credit or debit card over the phone. 

By paying-in slip

Email for a paying-in slip, and give the address you wish it to be sent to. You can then take the slip to a HSBC bank to be paid into our account. 

By bank transfer

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please provide your name and email address on this form to access our bank account details.

This allows us to identify your gift when it arrives in our account so we can confirm receipt of your donation and say thank you. If you add your name as a reference on the transfer even better!