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Senior Leadership Team

  • YoungMinds Emma Thomas

    Emma Thomas (she/her)

    Chief Executive

    Emma joined YoungMinds as CEO in July 2018. Prior to this, she worked as a consultant for a range of youth organisations on digital adoption and strategic development and was Chief Executive of The Mix.
  • YoungMinds Tom Madders

    Tom Madders (he/him)

    Director of Communications, Campaigns and Participation

    Tom leads the team responsible for our communications, campaigns and participation work. He joined us in 2016 and has spent his career campaigning for change in the health and disability sector, including at Mencap, Sense, Diabetes UK and the National Autistic Society.
  • YoungMinds Deirdre Kehoe

    Deirdre Kehoe (she/her)

    Director of Training and Services

    As our Director of Training and Services, Deirdre leads the teams that deliver our parent services and training and consultancy work. After 20 years at charities like the NSPCC, Diabetes UK and Arthritis Research UK, she started working in support services in 2013.
  • YoungMinds Vanessa Longley

    Vanessa Longley (she/her)

    Director of Development

    As Director of Development, Vanessa connects supporters with what we do, so we can fund the future of YoungMinds. Vanessa began her career working for WWAV Rapp Collins in direct marketing, but has now been a fundraiser for over 20 years, with experience at both a regional and national level.
  • YoungMinds staff member Mike Woolf smiling and against a yellow background

    Mike Woolf (he/him)

    Strategy and Implementation Director

    Mike is the interim Strategy and Implementation Director and is responsible for making sure everything we do is focused on making a step change in impacting young people’s mental health.
  • YoungMinds staff member Sacha Dingomal smiling against a yellow background

    Sacha Dingomal (he/him)

    Director of Finance and Business Operations

    Sacha is our Director of Finance and Business Operations and is responsible for making sure we are on good financial footing, and that we have the right processes in place to support our organisation's goals.

Senior Management Team

  • YoungMinds Sophia

    Sophia (she/her)

    Head of Business Development

    Heading up our Business Development Team, Sophia sources and develops partnerships to grow our work.
  • YoungMinds Thad

    Thad (he/him)

    Evidence and Innovation Manager

    Thad is our Evidence and Innovation Manager, with more than thirteen years’ experience in the field of research, evaluation and policy in the non-profit sector.
  • YoungMinds Patrick

    Patrick (he/him)

    Head of PMO

    Patrick heads up our Programme Management Office at YoungMinds, giving him oversight of all the different projects we work on across the organisation.
  • YoungMinds John

    John (he/him)

    Financial Controller

    John oversees the finance function and day-to-day financial management of YoungMinds.
  • YoungMinds staff member Roxane Caplan smiling against a yellow background

    Roxane (she/her)

    Head of Services

    As Head of Services, Roxane’s role is to help evolve and improve our services to increase the impact of our work on young people, parents/carers and professionals.
  • YoungMinds Hannah

    Hannah (she/her)

    Head of Training and Service Design

    Hannah leads the amazing team of trainers, consultants and participation workers that deliver great work across the UK.
  • Rosie (she/her)

    Head of People and Culture

    Rosie provides strategic and operational leadership to the team responsible for the day-to-day delivery of HR services and facilities management, as well as safe working, wellbeing and safeguarding at YoungMinds.

Youth Panel

  • YoungMinds social avatar

    Emily (she/her)

    Youth Panellist

    Emily is a student who is passionate about advocating on disability and mental health related issues in an inclusive and artistic way. She says: "I think it's important to have a wide range of experiences and voices in every aspect of advocacy, and, with a lived disabled experience, I can offer that perspective."
  • YoungMinds social avatar

    Ruth (they/them)

    Youth Panelist

    Ruth joined the Youth Panel because they are excited to work around mental health on a national level. Their advice to other young people? Your problems are always worth voicing no matter how big or small you may think they are.
  • YoungMinds social avatar

    Esther (she/her)

    Youth Panelist

    Esther joined the Youth Panel to understand more about what goes on 'behind the scenes' of a charity and make sure young people's voices are heard. Her advice to other young people? You are not alone.
  • YoungMinds social avatar

    Jacob (he/him)

    Youth Panellist

    Jacob joined YoungMinds Youth Panel because he believes in the power of young people's voices. He wants to help change attitudes towards mental health, and ensure the issues facing young people are not overlooked by people in power.
  • YoungMinds social avatar

    Nana (she/her)

    Youth Panelist

    Nana is a psychology student who joined the Youth Panel to help raise awareness about the mental health struggles young people face. Her advice to other young people? Remember that you do not have to do this alone.
  • YoungMinds social avatar

    Morgan (he/him)

    Youth Panellist

    Joining us from the Hereford/Welsh border, Morgan is passionate about making a difference for young people who are struggling with their mental health. Morgan knows how important the systems working behind the scenes are, which made the Youth Panel programme a perfect fit.
  • YoungMinds social avatar

    Chris (he/him)

    Youth Panelist

    Chris is an engineering student who enjoys walking, climbing and being outdoors. He joined the Youth Panel to help us in our mission to ensure that no young person feels alone with their mental health.
  • YoungMinds social avatar

    Omari (he/him)

    Youth Panelist

    Omari joined the Youth Panel to influence change 'behind the scenes' of YoungMinds. His advice to other young people? Don't be harsh on yourself and remember that you are loved!
  • YoungMinds social avatar

    Emry (they/them)

    Youth Panellist

    Emry is really concerned about young people's mental health, and joined the Youth Panel because they want to make a difference on a national level. Emry's advice to other young people: "It might not get better overnight, but it will get better over time".
  • YoungMinds social avatar

    Nathan (He/him)

    Youth Panellist

    Nathan joined the Youth Panel to help people, learn about the running of a charity, and gain some more life experience, He says: "I'm hoping to be able to help others with the same problems I've got and do good in the world."
  • YoungMinds social avatar

    Flav (he/him)

    Youth Panelist

    Flav joined the Youth Panel because he believes mental health is one of the topics in today's society that really matters. He says: "YoungMinds is a refreshing medium of support for those struggling with mental health, and I wanted to be a part of it!"
  • YoungMinds social avatar

    Charity (she/her)

    Youth Panellist

    Charity is passionate, a deep thinker, and always eager to learn new skills. She joined the Youth Panel to learn more about how important decisions are made, and is excited to make sure young people are always part of those decisions.