A picture of our Youth Panellist Diya.

Youth Panellist She/Her Diya Dee-yah

Diya is part of our Youth Panel so she can help young people access the mental health support they need. Find out more about Diya.

Diya's values

A group of young people sit around a table talking to each other. The person closest to the camera as the back to the camera and wears a dark red knitted jumper.

Why are you on the Youth Panel at YoungMinds?

Young people are increasingly unable to access the support that they need. Joining the movement creates a space for voices to be genuinely heard, which is so important, especially for those from marginalised communities.

Which of our values do you relate to most, and why do you think it’s an important value for us?

The value I relate the most to is: 'we celebrate what makes you, you'.

I believe that accepting everyone equally, for who they are, is so vital. It is important at YoungMinds that we celebrate individuality, using it to bring us together rather than to divide us.

About Diya

We celebrate what makes you, you. What three words describes you best?

  • Feminist

  • Passionate

  • Empathetic

A picture of our Youth Panellist Diya.

What do you do to switch off and take care of your mental health?

I switch off by playing guitar, reading, and watching comfort movies.

About our Youth Panel

Our Youth Panel works with us for three years to help shape our future as a charity and achieve our mission. They talk about things like strategy, safeguarding, fundraising, organisational culture, risk management, data protection, brand and marketing.

Our current Youth Panel joined us in October 2023.

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