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  1. King's College London Social Media Study

    may increase the risk of self-harm in young people. Invite

    Found on page: /professional/consultancy-and-service-design/case-studies/king-s-college-london-social-media-study/

  2. My CAMHS journey

    to domestic abuse, suicide and self-harm. While it does no

    Found on page: /young-person/blog/my-camhs-journey/

  3. Doncaster Participation Champions

    webinars | Responding to self-harm

    Found on page: /professional/consultancy-and-service-design/case-studies/doncaster-participation-champions/

  4. Leading organisations call for Government funding into early support hubs

    presenting at A&E having self-harmed or experienced su

    Found on page: /about-us/media-centre/press-releases/leading-organisations-call-for-government-funding-into-early-support-hubs/

  5. Reporting on mental health and young people

    for pictures or signs of self-harm. This can also be distr

    Found on page: /about-us/media-centre/reporting-on-mental-health-and-young-people/

  6. Bipolar disorder

    (insomnia) reduced appetite thoughts of self-harm psychosi

    Found on page: /young-person/mental-health-conditions/bipolar-disorder/

  7. Depression

    hopeless maybe wanting to self-harm feeling tired and not

    Found on page: /young-person/mental-health-conditions/depression/

  8. Abuse

    become depressed or anxious be vulnerable to self-harm Ha

    Found on page: /young-person/coping-with-life/abuse/

  9. Find Your Feet

    adversity | Responding to self-harm

    Found on page: /professional/consultancy-and-service-design/case-studies/find-your-feet/

  10. Our impact reports

    people's experiences of self-harm, eating disorders and su

    Found on page: /about-us/reports-and-impact/our-impact-reports/