A group of young people laughing together outside on a bench. Group includes two black girls (one in a wheelchair), one black boy, and a white boy.

Our new brand

We've changed how we look. And we’re changing how we do things too

Growing up today is tough. Young people are facing a mental health crisis in the UK and it shouldn’t be on you to fix it. You’re struggling, not being listened to, and you’re tired.  

We’ve always focused on hope. Working with you to share your stories, offering advice when you need it and challenging the Government to make the mental health system what you need it to be. And that will never stop.  

But the world has changed, and we need to change too. 

Three people sitting on a sofa chatting.

We heard you

Over the last year, we worked closely with young people to hear what you need from us.  

You told us you want honesty, for us to speak up more on the issues you care about and offer mental health support that makes you feel seen and heard. All of you. That means doing more for Black, minoritised and marginalised young people. You want solutions beyond the one-size-fits-all approach to mental health.  

And you want to know there’s hope for your future.

How we're changing

You told us it can feel like there’s a lot of ‘noise’ from charities, decision-makers and brands without much action. We don’t want to create more noise without it meaning something real for you.

That's why we are:

  • Sharing more on the issues you care about and actions you can take, even if it's not with us.

  • Creating ways for you to find or grow your community.

  • Partnering with young Black, minoritised and marginalised creators and writers who will tell their own stories and ideas for change.

  • Featuring young influencers more on our podcasts and videos.

  • Being guided by young activists who will continue to teach us how to keep pushing for the society we all need.

Focusing on you

This change is about centering your stories, your experiences, your joy and your voices. 

Whether you’re putting your mental health first, organising in your local community or being there for your friends – you’re finding glimmers of hope and happiness in dark times. We want to use our platform to share these stories and make them impossible to ignore. 

Your voices can change the world – and we won’t stop standing with you until it’s the world you deserve. 

A young Black woman in a wheelchair talking to a young Black man on a bench in the park. The woman is laughing while the man explains something.

Real stories from our Black Disabled creators

A collection of real stories and advice from Black Disabled content creators and young people.

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Join our growing community of young people to take part in collective action for social change, learn about how you can look after your mental health and hear the stories and experiences of young people who’ve been there. 

  • A young Black woman in a wheelchair and a young Black man on a bench, both staring at the camera looking serious.

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