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Policy reports

Read our reports on policy related to children and young people's mental health

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  • a-student-wearing-uniform-sitting-on-a-desk-lost-in-thought-while-the-class-is-on-going

    Our response to the Department for Education's consultation

  • medium-shot-of-a-woman-walking-in-a-park-with-a-friend-on-the-background

    How does body image impact young people's mental health?

  • a-group-of-young-people-at-a-school-desk-talking-to-each-other-with-a-world-map-on-background

    What impact is the Covid-19 pandemic having on education?

  • medium-shot-of-a-young-man-looking-down-feeling-alone-while-group-of-friends-are-talking-and-laughing-on-the-background

    How is the Covid-19 pandemic impacting young people's mental health?

  • close-up-of-a-young-woman-lost-in-thought-in-a-room

    What changes are needed to improve young people's eating disorder services?

  • teacher-sitting-with-three-students-in-classroom-smiling

    Our response to the consultation on the Ofsted Education Framework 2019

  • medium shot of a girl with long curly hair smiling while holding a leaflet and talking to young people in campus

    First port of call: the role of GPs in early support for young people’s mental health