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Our report on the Online Safety Bill

About the report

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Our latest report puts the voices of young people front and centre in the debate on online safety and sets out how we can make the UK the safest place to go online.

We carried out in-depth research to ask young people how they experience the online world, and what impact it has on their mental health.

This report is a deep dive into our research findings, and analyses the impact of previously overlooked aspects of the online world.

Key recommendations

The report is launched just as parliamentarians restart work on the Online Safety Bill – which is a key opportunity to make real change and help protect young people’s mental health. Our key recommendations are for the Bill to:

  • Include a duty of care framework so all social media companies have to prioritise the wellbeing of their users.

  • Better encourage independent scrutiny by making companies release risk assessments and other key information.

  • Oblige the Government to provide high-quality media literacy education, co-created with young people.

  • Force the Government to properly consult young people on this legislation through a Youth Online Safety Advisory Committee.

Read our full report

Read more about our research and the recommendations we're making in the full report.

Read the full report

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