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My child needs urgent help

If your child needs urgent help, these services can support you.


If your child’s life is at risk


If you are worried that your child is at immediate risk, or they have already made a suicide attempt or been seriously injured:


- Call 999 for emergency services

- Or take them straight to A&E if you can


If your child needs urgent help but the situation is not immediately life threatening


- Call your local NHS mental health helpline (England only) for urgent information and advice. Your local NHS helpline can provide support and advice, and help your child access the right care. This service is open 24/7.


- You can also call the NHS on 111 for urgent information and advice. This service is open 24/7.


- Get an urgent on-the-day appointment with a GP by phoning your GP surgery. Remember these appointments are as much for mental health concerns as physical ones, and you won’t be wasting anyone’s time.


- If your child is already under the care of a mental health team, such as CAMHS, and a professional has given you a number to call in a crisis, call that number.


If your child needs to talk to someone


- Your child can speak to someone anytime 24/7 by contacting any of these urgent helplines.


- Your child can also speak to the Papyrus HOPELINE, which supports young people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts. They can call 0800 068 4141 between 9am - midnight, any day of the year.