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We are offering 20 schools a free pilot where we will provide support over one academic year to help you tackle anxiety within your school.

About this project

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Schools tell us that their biggest concern for young people is anxiety.

We know that anxiety can often go unseen and manifest in a number of ways including students struggling with exam stress, suicidal thoughts, self-harm and eating disorders. It can sometimes be seen as 'bad behaviour' or 'refusing to go to school' when that young person, in reality, needs vital support with their mental health. 

As a response to the pandemic and feedback we're hearing within education, we are offering a free schools pilot to 20 schools (ten primary and ten secondary) over one academic year with a specific focus on tackling anxiety.

We feel a more holistic, whole-school approach is needed to tackle anxiety and provide the right support that pupils, staff and parents/carers desperately need.

The whole school approach was essential. It enabled us to support the mental health of pupils and ensure that we were able to create a supportive environment.
Primary school teacher, 2019

How we'll support you

By taking part in the pilot, we will support your school in a variety of ways including:

  • us carrying out an audit to understand how anxiety is affecting your school and what is already in place to build on
  • using the results of the audit to create an action plan and base delivery on this
  • deliver¬†training sessions for staff on anxiety and related issues such as self-harm, resilience and trauma (dependent on action plan)
  • introducing a participation champion programme for pupils
  • co-develop sessions for behaviour plans and mental health support initiatives with pupils and staff
  • begin a Community of Practice (CoP) with school staff, facilitated initially by us before handing back to CoP members
  • provide tailored resources and engagement for parents and carers

Eligibility Criteria

    • Has your school seen a rise in anxiety and/or associated manifestations in your students including things like school refusal, behavioural issues, self-harm, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts over the last two years?
    • Are you willing to take part in a pilot project looking to embed a whole school approach to helping to tackle anxiety?
    • Are you willing to work as part of a cohort of 20 schools?
    • Can you commit to investing ten days of time over one academic year (September 2022 - July 2023)?
    • Is your school unable to access funding for our paid school offer?

    If you answered yes to these questions, then apply to our pilot by filling out the form below!

Application form

To apply for this pilot, please fill in the form. We are looking for ten primary schools and ten secondary schools to take part which means, unfortunately, we can't accept everyone onto this pilot.

The deadline for applications is Monday 18 July 2022. 

This will help us understand if this pilot is the right programme to support your schools challenges. Please enter no more than 250 words.
This pilot is based on a whole school approach so it's important your senior leaders/staff are involved to ensure messaging to your school is consistent. Please enter no more than 150 words.
We want to understand what already exists in your school. If this is new to you, that is completely fine, just tell us about how you involve pupils in shaping work or, why you think it's important.
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Other ways we can support you

If you're not selected to take part in our pilot, we deliver a range of packages for schools focussing on building resilience and supporting young people.