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  1. Taking sertraline and propranolol for anxiety: Katy’s story

    what they were. My GP and CAMHS case manager diagnosed

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  2. Evelyn Brooks

    like me aren't as lucky. CAMHS is cut to the bone and

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  3. Living with schizophrenia

    symptoms shortly after being to CAMHS. I started hallu

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  4. Where to look for support while you're on the CAMHS waiting list

    support while you're on the CAMHS waiting list | Where

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  5. Struggling at school: my mental health journey

    an emergency referral to CAMHS. I was put on the waiti

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  6. Young person

    reminders.  | Can you help me with CAMHS? | Take a loo

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  7. Contact us

    Mental Health Services (CAMHS)? | YoungMinds is an ind

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  8. Developing OCD after an infection: my mental health journey

    weeks, I was at my first CAMHS appointment, being diag

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  9. Lack of early support for young people’s mental health puts pressure on GPs

    Mental Health Services (CAMHS) would result in treatme

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  10. Why I spoke out about my son's mental illness

    Mental Health Services (CAMHS). Here he continues to s

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