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  1. Shout 85258

    assault• depression or low mood• self-harm• bullying• suic

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  2. Autism and mental health

    yourself | Depression | Self-harm | Reaching out for help

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  3. How DBT gave me freedom from borderline personality disorder

    experience of emotions and self-harm behaviours. | Getting

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  4. Finding support as a gay trans man from my rugby team

    ten years old, and started self-harming a couple years aft

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  5. Finding the right medication for me: Seren's story

    to suicidal feelings and self-harm. While it does not go i

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  6. How I coped with online bullying

    to bullying, suicide and self-harm. While it does not go i

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  7. Autism and mental health: proving everyone wrong

    number of months due to self-harming and several suicide a

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  8. OCD

    support | Anxiety | Phobias | Self-harm | Reaching out for

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  9. A trans young person's perspective on mental health

    at which time he began to self-harm. Here are his experien

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  10. Parental mental illness

    scared their parent will self-harm or take their own life

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