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YoungMinds unveils new brand to reach more young people and amplify marginalised voices

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YoungMinds, the leading youth mental health charity, has today launched a refreshed brand informed by young people. At a time when more young people are struggling with their mental health than ever before, the charity is aiming to expand and diversify their reach, bringing more young people together to feel supported with their mental health and hopeful for the future. 

YoungMinds partnered with youth specialist agency Livity to create the brand and the refresh responds to the changing world and what young people need now. Being young is tough, from the cost-of-living crisis to the climate emergency, and the impact on young people’s mental health has undeniably taken a huge toll.  

During the creation process, Livity spoke to underrepresented young people about their experiences of mental health and accessing services and their needs are at the heart of the brand. This included carrying out research with 14-25-year-olds to better understand the challenges in reaching young people beyond the charity’s existing audience, particularly Black, minoritised and marginalised young people. Young Black people are most likely to face stigma or discrimination when seeking and receiving mental health support and by centring those most marginalised by society, YoungMinds will be able to reach all young people. 

Feedback from young people helped the design and creation of a strong brand identity that is direct, personal and trustworthy, underlining YoungMinds’ commitment to working with young people and continuing to speak with them and not to or for them. Through reaching more young people YoungMinds will create communities, connecting them with the issues they care about and supporting them to share their stories and ideas for change. 

Young people also said they want mental health support that makes them feel seen and represented, and solutions that aren’t reliant only on political decisions but are also about cultural change. The charity will be thinking differently about how society supports young people’s mental health and will be looking for revolutionary solutions that tackle the root causes of the mental health emergency.   

This is a crucial time for young people’s mental health, the world has changed, and young people’s mental health is worsening. With our refreshed brand we will be there for all young people as we respond to what they need now. 

 Through our work with Livity we listened to young people, centring Black, minoritised and marginalised young people to understand how we can better reach and support them. Our refreshed brand will help us to connect more young people and amplify the voices of those on the margins of this conversation, who aren’t currently heard by those in power. 

 We are hopeful for the future. We’re going to be more honest and vocal about the things that matter to young people. By continuing our commitment to young people’s mental health and creating communities for young people to voice their stories and ideas, together we can bring about change.
Lucy Taylor-Mitchinson
Head of Communications for YoungMinds

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