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Supporting refugee and asylum seeking children

Resources for foster carers, social workers, school staff and any other professionals who are supporting asylum seeking and refugee children across England.

The resources were made as part of YoungMinds Welcome, a project to support the mental health needs of asylum seeking and refugee children. The project aim was to build skills and capacity within the children's services workforce and help professionals to support the most vulnerable young people.Ā 

Welcome film

The YoungMinds Welcome film shows the experience of an asylum seeking child, and young person, as they share their thoughts about what helped them during this difficult time in their life. You will also hear the experiences of a parent, teacher and a foster carer of asylum seeking and refugee children.

The voices and experiences in this film came directly from professionals we worked with or in our network, as well as participants on the YoungMinds Welcome training courses.

A screenshot of our welcome zine resource.

Welcome zine

In thisĀ short leaflet, young people with asylum seeking and refugee experience share the key things that they need social workers, foster carers and schools to do to help and support them.

This resource was made to bring the voices, experiences and lens of young people with asylum seeking and refugee experience directly to those who support them, and was extracted from a focus group discussion.

Download the welcome zine
A screenshot of our resource feedback from refugee and asylum seeking parents.

Parent Insight

Read what refugee and asylum seeking parents would like other adults to know in order to best support their children.

This insight came from the time we spent with refugee and asylum seeking parents, discussing ways in which they could support their childrenā€™s emotional well-being and mental health. During these sessions we asked the parents what they would like other adults to know in order to best support their children.

Download the parent insight
A screenshot of our foster carers toolkit.

The Foster Carers Toolkit

The YoungMinds Welcome project recognises the importance of support for foster carers who look after refugee and asylum seeking children and young people. One key part of this project was to organise and run two groups for these carers, where they would have an opportunity for learning and development, but also to meet each other and draw upon peer support.

The learnings and experiences of these experienced carers have been collated to help support foster carers who want to care for refugee and asylum seeking young people.

Download the foster carer's toolkit
A screenshot of our resource trauma informed schools.

Trauma informed practice

When meeting the experiences of refugee and asylum seeking children and young people, we need to consider a more trauma informed approach. Read our guide, which outlines the six principles we encourage you to develop in your practice.

Download the trauma informed schools resource

Pupil engagement resilience activity

The purpose of the activity is to encourage pupil participation based on the resilience framework. Ideally, it would be run with a group of 8-15 pupils from Year 4 upwards.

This activity is to be done using our Resilience Cards. You can download the pdf cards, or purchase them fromĀ our shop.

teachers using YoungMinds resilience cards secondary pack

More resources for you

From wellbeing activities for schools, to toolkits and webinars for mental health professionals, we have a range of resources to help you support the young people in your lives.Ā 

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