A group of young people playing basketball with an older Black man. The group of young people includes: one white young man, one white non-binary teenager and one Black young woman.

Understanding what your pupils' behaviour is communicating

Mental health in schools, Practical tools for support
Schools, NHS staff and commissioners, Youth workers

This resource covers:

Practical activities for school staff to use with pupils to help recognise and understand their behaviours as an expression of their feelings and wellbeing needs.

Staff wellbeing reminders


  • An image of our staff reminder poster. There is a four bullet point list about encouraging staff at schools.
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Talking to your pupils when they are stressed


  • Six orange thought clouds are on the page and have question and tips for talking to pupils when they are stressed.
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Stress bucket


  • A preview of the stress bucket resource.
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Breathing and grounding techniques


  • A preview of the resource showing a hand for breathing and 5 things to do to find your calm.
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