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Understanding what your pupils' behaviour is communicating

Download our resources designed to help schools recognise all forms of behaviour as expressions of pupils’ feelings and wellbeing needs.

Staff wellbeing reminders

Supporting young people who feel distressed can have an emotional impact on you too. Here are some helpful reminders to help us reflect and regulate ourselves.

Not all of these will be right for you, so focus on what you feel can help.

Download staff tips
An image of our staff reminder poster. There is a four bullet point list about encouraging staff at schools.

Talking to your pupils when they are stressed

Six orange thought clouds are on the page and have question and tips for talking to pupils when they are stressed.

The distressed behaviours you may face are often pupils’ way of reaching out for support. If you have moments of feeling overwhelmed, here are some helpful conversation starters to support you respond to their preferred needs. 

Download conversation starters

Stress bucket

A cartoon image of a bucket is in the middle of the page, around the bucket are six taps, four are pouring water into the bucket and two are leaking water out of the bucket. The four taps have pipes that lead to four empty squares. Below the bucket are also two empty squares.

It is normal to feel stress at times. Some stress can be good, but too much can cause us to feel anxious.

Our stress bucket activity can help pupils identify what is causing them stress and what they can do to help reduce it.

Download the worksheet

Mindfulness activities

In the middle of the image is a purple hand with its fingers spread out. To the right of the hand is a smaller purple hand with its index finger pointing up. Around the bigger hand are dotted yellow and pink arrows following the shape of the fingers.

Our daily mindfulness activities for primary and secondary schools are simple ways for pupils to control and prevent the build-up of stress in their lives, and can aid conversations about their wellbeing needs.

Download the activity
teachers using YoungMinds resilience cards secondary pack

More resources for you

From wellbeing activities for schools, to toolkits and webinars for mental health professionals, we have a range of resources to help you support the young people in your lives. 

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