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Fundraising at university

Student fundraising is a powerful way to raise awareness of student mental health. Find out how you can fundraise on campus to support our work.

Why fundraise at university?

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Fundraising at university can be a great way to raise awareness about student mental health issues.

Whether you want to fundraise as an individual, with friends, or as part of a club or society, fundraising on campus can get people talking about mental health, while also raising vital funds to support young people across the country.

What’s more, you’ll gain lots of skills for your CV, meet new people, and have fun along the way!

Ways to fundraise on campus

There are lots of ways you can fundraise at university. Take a look at some ideas below or come up with your own!

  • Host a sale

    Organise a cake sale or jumble sale for Freshers Week.

  • Have a karaoke night

    Host a karaoke night at your Student Union.

  • Host an event or tournament

    Set up a sports tournament or event with society members.

  • Watch a film

    Hold a film screening in a lecture theatre. Raise money with tickets and snack sales!

  • Host a pub quiz night

    Host a pub quiz night at the Student Union bar or your local pub.

  • Take part in an event

    Sign up to one of our events with your friends or society.

However you choose to fundraise, we’ll be here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions, or need some resources, just contact the fundraising team at fundraising@youngminds.org.uk.

Contact the team

Make us your charity of the year!

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Are you involved with your student union? Or part of a sports club, RAG or society at university?

At the start of each year, they will be choosing a charity to fundraise for. Speak to your president about their fundraising plans, and ask to make us your chosen charity. That way you can fundraise throughout the year - holding multiple events, activities, challenges, or anything you wish!

We will be here to support you along your fundraising journey with anything you need, including ideas, resources, tips and much more.

For more information please get in contact with us at fundraising@youngminds.org.uk.

Take part in #HelloYellow

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Sign up for #HelloYellow this 10 October 2023

Why not take part in our annual #HelloYellow campaign this October?

Join part of a community of thousands of supporters wearing yellow for World Mental Health day and raising vital funds for young people’s mental health.

Sign up to receive a free student fundraising pack, including mental health and wellbeing activities, stickers and lots more resources to bring #HelloYellow to your campus.

Find out more about #HelloYellow
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Student mental health support

Finding your feet at university can be challenging. It can be a lonely time, especially if you’re away from home. There can also be a lot of pressure to make new friends, manage your money, and keep up with your course.

If you need support with your mental health at university, take a look at our advice guide that can help.

Guide to looking after yourself at uni