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Stream or game for YoungMinds

Calling all gamers and streamers! It’s time to take on a gaming challenge for YoungMinds and help us raise vital funds and awareness for young people’s mental health. Are you in?

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Whether you play games on your phone, PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch, why not take on a challenge for YoungMinds?

By streaming for us, you can help to create a world where all young people get the support they need for their mental health when they need it.

Claim your free t-shirt!

  • Stream for YoungMinds to receive a free t-shirt!

    If you're organising a gaming or streaming challenge for us, send us an email about your event and you'll receive a free t-shirt.

How to stream for YoungMinds

Step 1: Decide on a challenge

Decide on a challenge for your stream. Need some inspiration or want to talk your idea through with someone? Email us at and we will be happy to help.

Challenge ideas

  • Speed run challenge

    See how fast you can finish a game. You could even set yourself a time limit for how quickly you want to complete it (maybe you could try and break a world record?).

  • Play with self-imposed rules

    Make the game feel more realistic by creating certain rules. For example: you may decide you can't use bamboo while playing Minecraft.

  • Timed

    Stream for X amount of time.

    Whatever time you decide, make sure you take regular breaks and are looking after yourself.

Step 2: Set up your fundraising page

Once you've decided on your challenge, it's time to set up your fundraising page. You can choose whichever platform you like for this, but here are our recommendations:

When you've created your fundraising page, remember to send us an email to tell us about your challenge and we'll send you a free YoungMinds t-shirt!

Contact the fundraising team
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Step 3: Spread the word

Once you've decided on a date and time for your stream, make sure to tell your family and friends that you're fundraising for YoungMinds. Share your fundraising page and invite people to watch your stream and donate.

Step 4: Stream

Now all that's left to do is enjoy gaming and raise funds! You can stream your event using whatever platform you like, but we would recommend using Twitch, YouTube or Facebook live.

I hosted a 12 hour charity stream for YoungMinds and we all shared why mental health was so important to us. We did some paintings, some gaming and just some chatting. I met some amazing people!
A YoungMinds gamer

Looking after yourself while gaming

We love that you're taking on a streaming challenge for YoungMinds and are so thankful for your support. But we also want to make sure you're keeping happy and healthy while you game. Take a look at our healthy gaming tips below, as well as our blogs and advice on gaming and mental health.

  • Instead of doing the marathon solo, why not create a team and work together? Having a group of people can help you feel supported and motivated.

  • Try spreading your gaming marathon out over a longer period of time. You could split it into smaller chunks, for example splitting our six hour challenge intro two lots of three.

  • Make sure you're taking regular breaks and giving yourself time away from the screen. Let your supporters know that you're AFK and get outside for some fresh air. A quick nap could also be useful!

  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout your challenge and avoid too much caffeine or too many energy drinks. Keep snacks on hand as food is fuel and you should eat throughout your stream to keep energised.

Remember that we're here to help and will be your biggest cheerleaders throughout your streaming journey. If there's anything to do with your fundraising or gaming that you need support with, you can contact our Fundraising team at

Gaming and mental health advice and blogs

Gaming FAQs

Under 16s can take part with parental permission. Email for more information. 

No. Our streaming challenges are simply recommendations, but you can game for us however you'd like.

If you have any further questions you can email the fundraising team at We're more than happy to help.

More ways to fundraise

Looking for a different way to fundraise? We have lots of challenges and events that you can take part in. Or if you're not sure where to begin, find inspiration on our getting started with fundraising page.