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End The Wait

Join us in calling for the government to #EndTheWait and deliver on its promise to end the crisis in young people’s mental health.

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About #EndTheWait

There are a lot of changes happening in government. What hasn’t changed is our fight to end the mental health crisis for young people.

Thousands of young people are seeking mental health support. But too many are being told to wait, struggling to cope and hitting crisis point before they get help.

For years, politicians have promised to end the crisis in young people’s mental health. But the reality is that with every month of inaction, things are getting worse.

The message from young people is clear: we will wait no longer.

Join the call to #EndTheWait

Did you know?

  • More than a quarter of young people have tried to end their lives while waiting for mental health support.1
  • Over 40% waited more than a month for mental health support after seeking it.2
  • Almost half a million young people are being treated for their mental health every month.3
  • A young person is referred to the NHS for mental health support every 30 seconds.4

Join us to tell the Government it’s time to #EndTheWait

The statistics show that the mental health crisis for young people is getting worse.

But uncertainty in government means that time and resources are being diverted away from dealing with this.

That’s why it’s vital to keep pressure on the Government and make sure that young people’s mental health doesn’t get overlooked.

We’re calling on all young people to demand the Government keep its promise to end the crisis in young people’s mental health. We will wait no longer.

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Findings from our young people's survey

Over a third
didn't feel supported by their GP when they tried to access mental health support
Over 40%
waited over a month for mental health support after seeking it
Almost 1 in 10
were turned away when they tried to get support

Join the movement

Young people have told us that change needs to happen

Thousands of young people are being left waiting so long for mental health support that they have attempted to take their own lives.

This is according to a survey of almost 14,000 people under 25.

The same young people have told us that change needs to happen. It’s time to #EndTheWait.

Join us in demanding government tackle the youth mental health crisis.

Join us to #EndTheWait

[1] [2] 13,887 young people aged under 25 completed YoungMinds’ survey between 13 June 2022 and 07 July 2022. This sample was self-selecting and is not nationally representative. The responses were shared anonymously with the Government as part of its call for evidence for the ten-year Mental Health Plan.

[3] Record 420,000 children a month in England treated for mental health problems. The Guardian [online]. Available at: www.theguardian.com [Accessed 19 July 2022].

[4] Mental Health Services Monthly Statistics, Final March, Provisional April 2022 - NHS Digital [online] Available at: digital.nhs.uk [Accessed 20 July 2022]. This data has been further analysed by YoungMinds to reach this figure. 

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