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A new era for young people's mental health

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Our new era for young people's mental health report

Three people holding a placard which says 'creating change'. The person on the left is holding a small placard 'youth power' with the person on the right in a wheelchair holding a placard 'activating change = youth voice'

Three people are all holding one placard together which reads: 'creating change'. The person on the left also holds a small placard which reads: 'youth power'. The person in the middle has their fist raised in the air. The third person on the right in a wheelchair holds a second placard that reads: 'activating change = youth voice'. This drawing sits on top of a light blue background with yellow stars.

Our report calls for help to be available to every young person who reaches out.  Growing numbers of young people are seeking help for their mental health, meaning that an already over-stretched system is a long way from meeting demand. 

Our report recommends:

  1. An ambitious new funding settlement that reflects the reality of the crisis.
  2. A bold new approach to getting the right support to young people before their needs escalate.
  3. Reformed crisis and specialist services, to improve the consistency and experience of care across the country.
  4. All young people given the skills, knowledge and resources to look after their mental health.
  5. An expanded specialist workforce, while making mental health the responsibility of all professionals working with young people.
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