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Resources for school staff Building positive mental health in schools

Wellbeing resources to help schools build a culture of positivity and recognising the strengths and qualities in ourselves and others.

What keeps us going

If you're having a particularly tough week, and lots of things are building up, it can be difficult to cope. Taking a moment to think about and write down the things we do to get through those difficult times can remind us of why they're important and make sure we prioritise them.

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How many positives activity

An image of our 'How Many Positives' Poster.

Many pupils may struggle to think positively. Regular negative thoughts can become a habit and can affect our overall mood and levels of happiness. This simple activity sheet will help pupils to visualise and recognise positive features in themselves. You could revisit this activity over time by asking the children to add to the list of assets.

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Hope clouds activity

An image of a teacher with two young people with our Young Minds 360 degrees schools logo, at the bottom of the image the text reads 'Hope Clouds'.

This activity works well with children of any age and provides a good starter for the beginning of the academic year. Asking children to think about their own dreams and hopes for the next academic year helps them to feel able to cope with things that happen or problems they want to solve. This activity can also be used with school staff.

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Chatterbox chats

This activity helps boost pupils’ wellbeing and start conversations together as a class. Sometimes talking about how you’re feeling can be difficult, but the chatterbox chat activity is a really helpful and engaging way to open up discussions.

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Resilience check-in poster

Many pupils may struggle to identify the positive qualities they have. Help pupils display their inner strengths and the things that give them confidence with our resilience check-in activity. 

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Star qualities activity

A yellow star on a purple background. Inside the star it says 'Star Qualities'.

Sometimes pupils find it hard to believe positive things about themselves and for many it is easier to believe the negative things. This resource will help pupils recognise each other’s strengths and qualities to build their self-esteem, confidence and cope with stress and adversity.

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Having a conversation about mental health

A photo of two parents and their child having a conversation. Underneath the image is text that says 'Having a conversation with parents and carers about mental health. A beginner's Guide for Schools'.

Mental health is a very emotional subject to talk about. This is especially true of conversations between teachers and parents and carers, whether they have approached you, or you have encouraged them to think about their family’s mental health yourself. We've provided a beginner’s guide for schools to help you navigate these conversations.

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teachers using YoungMinds resilience cards secondary pack

More resources for you

From wellbeing activities for schools, to toolkits and webinars for mental health professionals, we have a range of resources to help you support the young people in your lives. 

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