Writers Class 6CJ, Southwater Junior Academy

Class 6CJ at Southwater Junior Academy wrote a book in lockdown as a way of keeping in touch, and then sold it to raise money for us!

Class 6CJ's fundraising journey

Class 6CJ's book, 'How the rabbit defeated the fox with pink ears', showing the front cover and blurb.

What did you do to fundraise for us?

In lockdown, Jessie and her classmates started a chain story as a way of keeping in contact and for a bit of fun. Jessie dropped it round to her friend Noah’s house on her daily exercise and from there it eventually went round the whole class.

When we received all the children’s written work back and read through the story, we thought it would be an amazing idea to turn it into a children’s paperback book. All the children then set to work creating all the illustrations, and their wonderful story went to print.

Class 6CJ's book open with a toy fox in front of it.

Why did you fundraise for us?

We decided to sell the children’s book to raise money for YoungMinds as it was such an uncertain time, particularly for children, that we felt that they would be needing the support more than ever.

The children in class 6CJ sold 140 books, raising £492.25 for YoungMinds.

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Volunteers in YoungMinds tops and yellow face paint smile and cheer with megaphone and cheer sticks.

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Whether you want to climb a mountain, hold a car boot sale, run a marathon or organise a quiz night, there are so many ways to raise funds for us.

However you choose to fundraise, our events team will support you the whole way.

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