a YoungMinds supporter and runner cheer and smile at the camera during the marathon

Meet the amazing individuals who make our work possible by fundraising for us. For more information about getting involved with fundraising for YoungMinds, have a look at our page on getting started with fundraising.

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  • Daz Baldwin, fundraising for YoungMinds by hiking to Everest Basecamp.

    Daz Baldwin (He/Him)

    Hike to Everest Basecamp and Kala Patthar

    On 25 March 2022, Daz Baldwin will be flying out to Nepal and taking on a seventeen day trek to Everest Basecamp and then continuing on up to Kala Patthar, which sits at an altitude of 5,650m. He’s decided to match his fundraising target with the altitude of Kala Patthar and aims to raise an amazing £5,650.
  • Fundraisers training take on the challenge of rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

    The Dark Trio (England)

    Rowing across the Atlantic Ocean

    The Dark Trio are three military trained friends taking on the incredible challenge of rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean on 12th December 2022, in a race against 46 other boats. They will travel on a 28ft rowing boat, expecting to finish the race in mid-January 2023. This has been an ambition of theirs for nearly 12 years.
  • A group of teachers at Hardenhuish School running the Oxford Half Marathon for YoungMinds.

    Hardenhuish School (Wiltshire)

    Charity of the Year 2021-22

    At Hardenhuish School, the students vote each year on which charity to support. We are delighted that for their 2021-22 academic year, they have chosen to support us! The school have already taken part in #HelloYellow and a group of teachers ran the Oxford Half Marathon. A huge thank you to everyone involved at Hardenhuish School for their amazing efforts so far. We can’t wait to see what other fundraising activities they will embark on in 2022.
  • A group of six fundraisers wear YoungMinds yellow tops and black leggings or shorts and stand together, smiling on their trek to Petra, Jordan for YoungMinds.

    Super Six (Jordan)

    Trek to Petra

    A group of friends and daughters embarked on a journey to Petra in Jordan, to support YoungMinds. Their trek combined history, traditional culture and a chance to challenge themselves with three days of hiking along some of the world's most scenic trails. With their hiking boots, backpacks and walking poles at the ready, these amazing supporters completed the trek and have raised over £6,800 for YoungMinds!
  • Oliver Bowers walking 1 million steps for YoungMinds.

    Oliver Bowers (he/him)


    In 2020 Oliver walked 1 million steps for YoungMinds! He has continued supporting us this year too, by walking 100,000 steps already. Through his walking adventures, Oliver has so far raised £23,000 for YoungMinds! He says: "my passion for mental health after suffering myself for so many years is what drives me to keep fundraising. I have 5 children all under 11 so raising awareness and funds for Young Minds is so close to my heart. My community “Walk the Mind” is the single biggest reason why I have been able to raise over £23,000 so a special thanks to them."
  • Obi Burchell is lifting 150,000kg for YoungMinds in 24 hours

    Obi Burchell (he/him)

    Lifting 154,363kg in 24 hours

    To mark World Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September 2021, Obi will be lifting 154,363kg in 24 hours in remembrance of the 154,363 people who have died by suicide in the UK in the 26 years of his life. He says "owing to the fact I almost lost my battle with depression, I wanted to remember all those who sadly lost theirs. This is for all those people who felt that they couldn't continue their story. For all those who used a full stop instead of a semicolon. For those who felt their life did not matter. It did. It does. It always will."
  • Dave Coombes has organising a dancing fundraiser for YoungMinds.

    Dave Coombes (he/him)

    Join the Dance

    Dave travels to various locations across the UK to meet and dance with others in their gardens, doorsteps and parks. He says: "In that moment when we dance, nothing else matters. We are free. Let's dance like there is no tomorrow." Dave has dedicated his time to raising awareness and funds for children and young people’s mental health. He has raised an incredible £3,172 so far.
  • YoungMinds fundraisers swimming event

    The Friday Dippers (Brighton)

    5K swim

    This amazing group of 60 mums from Brighton have been meeting weekly to chat and swim in the sea. After lockdown they decided to start this tradition again, knowing how much it helps them all to look after their mental health. After seeing the impact of lockdown on their children’s mental health they decided to organise a sponsored 5K swim. By participating in groups of eight, they completed the swim and have raised an astonishing £17,000 for YoungMinds.
  • YoungMinds fundraiser Nathan Nash and another mountainer on a mountain peak

    Nathan Nash and Macauley Rawbone (he/him)

    Welsh Three Peaks Challenge

    Nathan and Macauley climbed the Welsh Three Peaks, raising an amazing £770 for YoungMinds. They say: "By completing this challenge we would like to help spread more awareness of the importance YoungMinds and how much support they offer to young people, not forgetting the family’s who are affected too."

London Marathon runners

  • YoungMinds fundraisers running the London Marathon 2021

    Harry and Daisy Howes (he/him and she/her)

    London Marathon 2021 Team Members

    Harry and Daisy are running this year's London Marathon in memory of their brother Samuel. Daisy says: "Running has been vital in maintaining my own mental health whilst grieving, so now I am running to help support the mental health of our young people too."
  • Team YoungMinds Runner Colby Leader

    Colby Leader (he/him)

    London Marathon 2021 Team Member

    Colby is running this year's London Marathon to help people like him. He says: "As someone who is battling with their own mental health I want to be able to support others and help them get support like I have."
  • YoungMinds fundraiser Nick Davies with arms crossed standing in front of a brick wall

    Nick Davies (he/him)

    London Marathon 2021 Team Member

    Nick is running this year's London Marathon in memory of his brother Toby. He says: "If only one person was to read my story and get the help that they deserve then the 26.2 miles of pain will be more than worth it!"
  • YoungMinds fundraiser clare forrest standing in front of a wooden fence

    Clare Forrest (she/her)

    London Marathon 2021 Team Member

    Clare is a school teacher and is running for YoungMinds because she knows just how important mental health is. She says: "Being a school teacher, YoungMinds was the perfect charity!"
  • headshot of YoungMinds fundraiser Evelyn Brooks

    Evelyn Brooks (she/her)

    London Marathon 2021 Team Member

    As a teacher with a long-term mental health condition, Evelyn is running for YoungMinds because she knows how important early support is. She says: "I see so many young people struggling, and the support that YoungMinds is able to give is incredibly important."