Three young people sit on a bench outside. The person on the right is chatting with the person in the middle of the bench who is looking at them and smiling. The person on the right is speaking to someone outside of the image.

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  1. Depression and low mood

    like washing wanting to self-harm experiencing suicidal th

    Found on page: /parent/parents-a-z-mental-health-guide/depression-and-low-mood/

  2. Counselling and therapy

    anxiety, depression and self-harm, here on our website. Ke

    Found on page: /parent/parents-a-z-mental-health-guide/counselling-and-therapy/

  3. Parents' guide to CAMHS

    including anxiety, depression, self-harm, violent or angry

    Found on page: /parent/parents-a-z-mental-health-guide/parents-guide-to-camhs/

  4. Anger

    themselves, for example by self-harming, or being very sel

    Found on page: /parent/parents-a-z-mental-health-guide/anger/