YoungMinds Tom Madders

Director of Communications and Campaigns - He/Him Tom Madders

Tom's values and experience

What skills and experience do you bring to your role?

I’ve spent my career in the charity sector, working alongside people at the forefront of our cause to campaign for change and find new solutions to the problems they face.

At YoungMinds, I feel lucky that I get to run a department where I oversee the amazing youth engagement work we do to give young people the strongest possible voice in our cause, as well as how we put that out to the world through our brand, our communications and our influencing.

Which of our values do you relate to most, and why do you think it’s an important value for us?

The value I relate most to is 'We're optimistic'.

Working on such difficult issues can feel really heavy and I really value being in an organisation where we really believe change is possible.

We bring solutions to the world and there is something amazing about embracing the ideas, creativity and imagination of young people for a better future.

About Tom

We celebrate what makes you, you. What three words describe you best?

  • Creative

  • Brave

  • Empathetic

YoungMinds staff

What do you do to switch off and take care of your mental health?

YoungMinds Tom Madders
I switch off by swimming in the sea, playing piano and hanging out with my kid.

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