a YoungMinds supporter and runner cheer and smile at the camera during the marathon

Meet the amazing individuals who make our work possible by fundraising for us. For more information about getting involved with fundraising for YoungMinds, have a look at our page on getting started with fundraising.

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  • YoungMinds fundraiser Nathan Nash and another mountainer on a mountain peak

    Nathan Nash and Macauley Rawbone (he/him)

    Welsh Three Peaks Challenge

    Nathan and Macauley climbed the Welsh Three Peaks, raising an amazing £770 for YoungMinds. They say: "By completing this challenge we would like to help spread more awareness of the importance YoungMinds and how much support they offer to young people, not forgetting the family’s who are affected too."
  • Obi Burchell is lifting 150,000kg for YoungMinds in 24 hours

    Obi Burchell (he/him)

    Lifting 154,363kg in 24 hours

    To mark World Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September 2021, Obi will be lifting 154,363kg in 24 hours in remembrance of the 154,363 people who have died by suicide in the UK in the 26 years of his life. He says "owing to the fact I almost lost my battle with depression, I wanted to remember all those who sadly lost theirs. This is for all those people who felt that they couldn't continue their story. For all those who used a full stop instead of a semicolon. For those who felt their life did not matter. It did. It does. It always will."

London Marathon runners

  • Team YoungMinds Runner Colby Leader

    Colby Leader (he/him)

    London Marathon 2021 Team Member

    Colby is running this year's London Marathon to help people like him. He says: "As someone who is battling with their own mental health I want to be able to support others and help them get support like I have."
  • YoungMinds fundraiser Nick Davies with arms crossed standing in front of a brick wall

    Nick Davies (he/him)

    London Marathon 2021 Team Member

    Nick is running this year's London Marathon in memory of his brother Toby. He says: "If only one person was to read my story and get the help that they deserve then the 26.2 miles of pain will be more than worth it!"
  • YoungMinds fundraiser clare forrest standing in front of a wooden fence

    Clare Forrest (she/her)

    London Marathon 2021 Team Member

    Clare is a school teacher and is running for YoungMinds because she knows just how important mental health is. She says: "Being a school teacher, YoungMinds was the perfect charity!"
  • headshot of YoungMinds fundraiser Evelyn Brooks

    Evelyn Brooks (she/her)

    London Marathon 2021 Team Member

    As a teacher with a long-term mental health condition, Evelyn is running for YoungMinds because she knows how important early support is. She says: "I see so many young people struggling, and the support that YoungMinds is able to give is incredibly important."