Obi Burchell is lifting 150,000kg for YoungMinds in 24 hours

Lifting 154,363kg in 24 hours he/him Obi Burchell

Hoping to raise £1 for every life lost, that’s 16 people every single day and 1 person every 90 minutes, Obi says "9 years ago, I was almost one of those numbers. Whilst growing up in North London, society taught me that as a young man if I ever felt sad, stressed, anxious that I should 'man up' and get on with it. This led to years of bottled up feelings of anger and sadness that I did not know how to share and express."

Obi was motivated to fundraise as a result of the pandemic and the negative impact on his and his friends mental health.

Fundraising for YoungMinds

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